Stuff dreams are made
October 8, 2009

One more week and I’ll be off on a jet plane (oh please let it be a big one, I need too many drinks for those puddle jumpers)  to visit Barbie.  And, of course to run those pesky 13.1 miles.  Here’s hoping the weather is nice.  I’d really prefer to not run another race in the rain, and especially in the COLD rain.

I really need the break too, and turns out I’m not the only one who thinks so.  Last night I dreamed I was smoking cigarettes.  And by cigarettes, I mean several….at once, with some kind of weird cigarette holder/pan-flute-looking contraption that filtered several into one.  Let me be clear, I am not and have never been a smoker.  Surely that must mean something in dream interpretation, right?  One variation was that the dreamer is in need of a break.  Maybe dreams give us more insight than we think…then again another interpretation was that it was a lucky omen or I need to get a medical examination for fear of health issues.   So, my search engine results may have been crap, but I’m going with the break.  Barbie, here I come!