Canada pt. 2 (pre-race)
October 18, 2009

I have already spent one day in Canada and one day in Detroit.  My first day, I had a brief last day run before the race.  It was cold and some of the snow from the previous day was still on the roofs of houses, but it was a nice jog.  While Barbie taught Canada’s youth, I explored downtown.  As soon as I got of the bus I spotted these signs.  Failblog entry here I come.



We eventually stopped by my favorite pub again.  And look what they had hanging inside.  Keep in mind, this is Canada, not the NFL!



Before heading back to the U.S. we enjoyed goodies from Barbie’s favorite cupcake place.


We got to Detroit and the first place we stayed (Barbie’s relatives) had no heat. Brrr….  But eventually we went downtown to get our registrations for the race and check into our hotel the next day.  Wish us luck on the race!!

Freshness Fail
March 15, 2009


Courtesy of Barbie and and the Canadian grocery store.  Apparently Loblaws A&P hasn’t fully thought through their new marketing campaign and its application to toilet plungers.  Fail.

Hooked on McPhonics
January 27, 2009

Last night was Free Movie Monday, so today is take-movie-back-Tuesday.  I usually get my free movie at the McFastFood near my house.  This caught my eye as I was pulling into the fine establishment.


I understand when sometimes sign owners must make do with what they have on hand.  For example, using a “5” in place of an “S” or turning an “M” upside for a “W”, but this is fantastic-ness beyond words!

I love my neighborhood.