Friday’s Dino
April 16, 2010

Dinos are back!! Just like the last one, I found this dino while we were out on a hoop-walk training!

Both of the last 2 dinos I found are along the main course for the actual half marathon, so I’ll get to see my little buddies just before mile 2 and again just before mile 7.  They’ll keep me going!


Just when I thought they were extinct…
March 8, 2010

It’s been so long since I found a dino.  I started to wonder if I’d ever find them again.  During our hoop-walk training on Sunday, I found this beauty downtown on the back of a Walk-Don’t Walk sign.  I feel like a paleontologist!

Hooping the Distance
December 14, 2009

What is that?  Someone hoop-walking.  It’s no secret that Sally is a hooper and runs half marathons.  So, how about hoop-walking a half marathon?  Well, that’s exactly what I’m going to do!  I have been asked to train a group of women to hoop the half marathon.  I am very excited to join this group in their training and charitable purpose!  So, I’ve run 13.1 miles, but this will be my first time to hoop 13.1 miles.  If you’re in town in April, come see us as we bring the best entertainment to the event with our pink hoops!

Happy Turkey-saurus Day!
November 26, 2009

It’s Turkey Day and I have a special holiday dino for you!  My friend, Frink, found this one last weekend and I had to share it with you!  It’s Thanksgiving, so thank you Frink for the new dino find and thank you Uno Dino for more urban dinosaur hunting.

As is my usual Turkey Day tradition, I ran the 5 mile race in the morning with my friend, Esquire.  I was determined to finish with a faster time this year and we were successful!  Our times had gotten slower and slower the past couple years.  We were finally able to crack the sub-50 minute time.  Last year’s time: 54:21 (our slowest yet).  This year’s time: 47:20 (our fastest yet).

Canada pt. 2 (pre-race)
October 18, 2009

I have already spent one day in Canada and one day in Detroit.  My first day, I had a brief last day run before the race.  It was cold and some of the snow from the previous day was still on the roofs of houses, but it was a nice jog.  While Barbie taught Canada’s youth, I explored downtown.  As soon as I got of the bus I spotted these signs.  Failblog entry here I come.



We eventually stopped by my favorite pub again.  And look what they had hanging inside.  Keep in mind, this is Canada, not the NFL!



Before heading back to the U.S. we enjoyed goodies from Barbie’s favorite cupcake place.


We got to Detroit and the first place we stayed (Barbie’s relatives) had no heat. Brrr….  But eventually we went downtown to get our registrations for the race and check into our hotel the next day.  Wish us luck on the race!!

Canada pt. 1
October 16, 2009

Yesterday, I began my annual trip to Canada.  I hopped a plane to Detroit (by way of Baltimore) to visit Barbie.  She picked me up at the airport and we made our way across the border.  After we entered Canada I confessed I was pretty hungry so we pulled off in a border town and I convinced Barbie to stop at a random strip mall pizza joint.  Mostly I wanted to stop there  because I was curious about their sign.

puffio sign

What in the world is a Puffio?!  I mean, c’mon who isn’t curious by that?  It’s either something I’ve never heard of, or it’s some Canadian-ism for something I know by another name.  Either way, it’s a cultural learning experience potential, and I never turn those down!  Turns out a puffio is different from a panzerotti according to the nice lady inside (what is a panzerotti??).  After ordering two “kids-sized” puffios with our choice of ingredients, we discovered two things:

1.  A puffio is a deep fried calzone
2.  “Kids size” must also be metric in Canada because it was HUGE.


After stuffing ourselves with yummy fried goodness (it was actually good despite the fried factor), we got back on the road.  Soon after we were on our way, it started SNOWING!  Yes,  snow.  It wasn’t much more than a dusting and didn’t stick to the road, but it was enough to make driving confusing.  So, in the middle of October, I’ve had my first snow experience.  Yay, Canada.

Dino news
August 2, 2009

I recently made a wonderful new discovery.  I went to a party on a Saturday a couple weeks ago and found out my new friend knows Uno Dino!!  The next day, I went to a cookout with my friend and I met Uno Dino’s brother!!  We exchanged information and he has the link to my blog.  That was a very exciting weekend!

Uno Dino’s brother told me about a new dino near his house.


Recently, I went for a long run at one of my favorite greenways, that’s several miles (and another county) away.  In fact, it’s a good 20 minute drive from my house.  Well outside the usual dino territory!  But upon a little drive into the suburbia neighborhood next to the greenway, I found this….


And a friend sent me a message that they found a major dino in nearby neighborhood.  Unfortunately, I took a week or two before going to check it out, and turns out the subdivision had already painted over it.  You can see the paint job just below the subdivision name.


I still can’t believe I know people who know Uno Dino, and that I even met his brother!  Don’t worry, I won’t stop my urban dinosaur hunting!

Holiday Dino
July 4, 2009

Here’s wishing you a Happy 4th of July!  I’m celebrating with red, white, and…Blue Dino!


My latest dino discovery; sticker on the electric box of a gas station next to my local sushi joint, and very close to one of the first dinos I ever found.

Sally’s Retrospective
June 14, 2009

It has been exactly one year since Sally decided to take on the world.  There have been ups and downs, adventures and funny pictures and signs.

I survived a miserable job to find one that allowed me to have a life again as well as a lucrative side business.  I also learned how to be a single thirtysomething.  Survived on my own without having my best friend, Barbie, in the same country on a regular basis.  I think those are my biggest accomplishments.

I’ve had many adventures: monster trucks, Canada, searching for weird stuff, Vegas, beach, wining, to name a few.

I have made many discoveries of dinosaurs around my neighborhood.  I feel like a little kid after the tooth fairy comes when I find those!

I started a garden.  Took up hula hooping.  Admitted I have a shoe problem, and learned to swap my clothes.  Discovered a new love of a certain online retailer and their contests.  I attended some great concerts, and saw some really funny signs.

Although, I didn’t document everything here, I have had quite a good time.  I ran one race and have decided to train for another one with Barbie.  I plan to have many more adventures in the next year of Sally.

Got any tips for Sally’s next year of adventures?

Freehand dino art
June 1, 2009

new dino

This weekend, I went for a little run with Barbie and then took her out for breakfast for her birthday.  As I pulled in the alley behind the deli, I spotted a new triceratops!  This one is freehand; no paint, no sticker.  Poor Barbie had to sit in the car in the alley while I took pictures.  Thank you Uno Dino for so much entertainment spotting these around town.