Welcome Home!
September 24, 2009

Sally has new digs!  That’s right, I bought my first home.   I haven’t moved in yet, and well technically I don’t own all of it (a bank owns a large percentage until I pay off the mortgage), but it’s mine now dammit!  I am having some work done before I move in this weekend.  I wanted the ceilings redone (ugh I hate popcorn ceiling, what a cheater’s way to finish a ceiling, and so 1980!) and I also had to have one wall repainted from some damage from the previous owner.  Otherwise the place is perfect and didn’t need anything else.

Update:  I stopped by yesterday evening to check on the work and the owner of company was there to check it out too. Turns out the ceiling guys got paint everywhere, took out all the nails, and patched up all the holes.  They thought they were painting ALL of it!  So, now they have to match ALL of the paint (which I already liked) and paint the WHOLE place.  Free paint job that I didn’t really want.  And now I have to make my own holes to hang pictures.  It’s kind of bittersweet.  Something I should be happy about, but is really just a pain for everyone.

I’m moving this weekend.  So, to recap, I am running the 15k in the morning, then moving in the afternoon.  Don’t worry I’ve hired people to help, but you can bet I am looking forward to my massage scheduled next week! Then I’m on the downhill for the big race!! And the uphill to finding more furniture for the new place!

And one more thing.  I just love my grammar, that is no shocker to anyone.  So, it shouldn’t be any shock when I was excited to find out that today is:

Happy Punctuation Day!

You know my nerdiness is adorable!

Coming up for air
July 31, 2008

I have been trapped deep in the dark recesses of work-hell. Yes, Sally is the princess locked away in the dark law dungeon! But a princess has to eventually come up for air and see the light, and more importantly eat(!) and sleep(!). Work has been particularly hellish the past few weeks, and while I catch my breath, let me share some of the good in addition to the bad and ugly.

I started going to these new work-out classes. I enjoyed the first one so much I joined the gym, well it’s actually not a traditional gym as you can tell from the website. But I save money on going to the classes, can learn a new skill, and meet cute, outdoorsy people at the same time. Lil’ E told me about the class and we usually go together. It’s early in the morning (great so I can get it in before work), really close to my neighborhood (great because I like my sleep and don’t like to commute), and it is b-r-u-t-a-l (great because I like pain and tight abs)! This class takes “no pain, no gain” to an entirely new level. Think Pilates meets circuit training meets strength training meets boot camp meets early in the morning. I feel great (even through the soreness and trembling) and hope it’ll make me look even better. Princesses need to look good and feel good.

I finally bought a new bed (and dresser and chest)! I’ve been looking for a long time. It’s time for the princess to lay her head down on a new (queen size) bed. I was at a special event for a local charity at furniture store I never even considered browsing. A girl can’t turn down a little free wine and cheese while helping out a great organization. I even found something that seemed to suit my needs. And the best part…saved an additional 15% on the purchase because of the special event and proceeds go to the charity. I don’t know when it will be delivered, they have to get it in stock, but once it comes I’ll take pictures. (sorry the online photos don’t do it justice) However, this also means I need find a new mattress. That’s what happens when you upgrade your bed, the mattress gets an upgrade too. I also need to look into new linens, etc. I’m improving the look and energy in my bedroom (although the energy has been fairly good lately). Princesses need a fabulous place to get their beauty sleep.

This weekend is Sales Tax Holiday weekend. That means I get to go do some shopping. I need some new pens (hate the cheapos at work). And who couldn’t use some new clothes and shoes (minus the nearly 10% sales tax)? Princesses love new clothes and SHOES and don’t like to pay high taxes. I’m getting my hair cut on Saturday (yay for princess pampering) and then I’ll meet up with Barbie and hit some stores. Later, we’ll chill out knitting and eating some kind of decadent dessert at her house.

Phew, this princess is pooped. She needs to store up the beauty sleep for this weekend.