What I did with my weekend
May 10, 2011

It was a gorgeous weekend.  And it’s finally that time of year where the weather is a little bit more predictable.  Around here, we only have 3 seasons.  Winter (where it’s cold and miserable for a couple months), Monsoon (where it rains and pours and threatens to flood for even more months), Purgatory (where it’s hotter than actual Hell and more humid than a rainforest for the longest number of months, generally about 1/2 of the year).  There is no in between transition weather.  It is one or the other.  Our transitions are the flip flopping between the three for a couple weeks.  (Think 35 degrees one day and 85 the next)

But on the rare occasion (only about a handful of days sporadically throughout the year) you get warm-but-not-hot, clear and dry days.  Such were this weekend.  So I took advantage and got started on my container garden.  Welcome to condo life, where your garden comes in neatly packaged pots.

Last year I had my first condo container garden and loved it.  So, I had to do it again this year.  Some of my lovelies from last year came back, so I transplanted them and added new ones.

Here’s what I planted (photos to follow):


  • Returned from last year:
    Mint (from a friend’s garden)
    Kentucky Colonel Mint
    Chocolate Mint (yes that’s right chocolate!)
    Curled Leaf Parsley
    Bloody Sorrell (actually this was in last year’s flower pot, but I’m going to try to eat/cook with it this year)
    2 different kinds of Lavender
  • New:
    Sweet Genovese Basil
    Siam Queen Basil
    Lemon Basil (my favorite)
    Boxwood Basil (love this little Chia Pet looking guy!)
    Italian Parsley
    Catnip (for Diva Kitty)

Roma Plum Tomato
Purple Cherry Tomato
Yellow Cherry Tomato
Black Beauty Eggplant
Burpless Cucumbers
Poblano Pepper (very excited about this, I’ve given up on trying to grow decent bell peppers)
Tomatillo (ooh I hope I can make some salsa verde)
Bok Choi
Shiitake Mushroom Log (I bought this last fall and it’s finally warm enough to start using)

Flowers – Ok, I only have one flower pot out front, but it’s brimming over with Wave petunias, Lantanas, and Yarrow.
Also, I companion-plant marigolds in most of my pots to help deter bugs and pests.

I also got some humming bird feeders last winter as a gift, so I’ve put those out and I’m really hoping that the buzzing little birdies will show up!

What have you planted?

Fantastic Weekend!
May 3, 2009

I love when I take an otherwise dreary, rainy weekend and make it fabulous!  Friday, I relaxed after work with a good friend, a bottle of wine, a movie, and great conversation.

Saturday I started off right, with a steam and a therapeutic massage.  (I highly recommend scheduling a massage several weeks from now, then getting the pleasant surprise when the appointment rolls around!)  The weather was still pretty damp, so I put off visiting the craft fair.  (unfortunately they canceled it for weather)  But I finally put my tomato plants in the ground and planted my herbs and pepper plant in containers.


Lemon basil and Thai Star basil in container on left, Greek Columnar basil, Italian parsley, and Dill in containers on right.  A baby pepper plant in the white container and two kinds of tomatoes in the ground!




After cleaning off the mud, I caught up with lots of friends at a housewarming party.  Then ended the night, with the First Saturday Gallery Crawl in downtown.  Bouncing around to several art galleries, checking out the great art is always a blast.  And free!

Sunday, I joined friends for a Slow Food Hot Dog Day at the cutest hot dog weenery.  Yes, I did just use that word and it was fantastic.  The gourmet dogs were great, but the toppings were more than I could fit on one bun!  Then I spent some quality time at my favorite east side coffee shop until my next adventure.

After catching up over a glass of wine, I went with a friend to the latest ecoChic Swap!  I loved my last ecoChic adventure and once again this one did not disappoint.  I even won two of the raffle prizes, $50 gift certificate to a vintage store and gift certificate to yoga classes I can take with my ecoChic buddy!  Here is my fabulous haul!


Yes, I did get more shoes!  I know I admit I have a shoe problem (is it really a problem?), but in all fairness, I took four pairs there and only came home with three pairs!  A pair of fabulous red boots, some purple striped wedges with ribbons that wrap around your ankles, and cutesy black patent mary jane peep toe heels!


My final haul in addition to the shoes: Brown Gap jacket, brown striped purse, purple wallet, pink workout tank top, brown sweater dress, cute fancy tank top, Levi jeans, plaid pants, red shirt, Benetton summer top, and floral wrap blouse.  I got some great things for work and some fun clothes too!  Next one is September and is vintage only.  Time to start scouring thrift stores for vintage stuff to exchange!  After our haul, my ecoChic buddy and I had some dinner at a fun little east side Mexican restaurant.

What a fabulous way to spend my weekend.  I wish all my rainy days were this much fun!