February 3, 2009

I have to share my latest Free Movie Monday experience.  I have been curious about Pineapple Express.  I’ll admit I like Seth Rogen movies and I’ve heard good things about this one.  Well, let me qualify that.  I was listening to “Fresh Air” with Terry Gross on NPR.  I caught part of the show where Terry interviewed James Franco* about his role in the movie.  I mean c’mon, it’s Terry Gross…that’s a solid endorsement!

But now, after watching this movie, I’m quoting Seth and Amy.  Really? Really?

Who came up with all of this?  This is a beyond ridiculous stoner movie and I’m shamefully admitting that I laughed at some of the funny parts.  But what baffles me the most is that Terry Gross watched this movie and discussed such ridiculous scenes with one of its stars.  Poor thing!  I’d give you a full run-down of the flick, but this is definitely worth watching just so you can imagine NPR-legend Ms. Gross watching this and analyzing it.

*P.S.  James Franco’s career is very thankful that his role in Milk followed this role.  Wow.

Rating: (Ahem, new feature…using my ever famous glass banana)

This movie gets 4 out 5 glass bananas for the funny moments and especially for the “Fresh Air” shout out.

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Super week!
November 30, 2008

Wow, this has been a super week.  First, I went for a run on Tuesday, the last one before the big race.  And on the last mile of my run, I came across a bunch of stuff out on the street in front of a house under renovation.  And I found this little gem!  I have been in desparate need of a filing cabinet.  This one is substantial and I have the bruise on my inner thigh to prove it.  When I got home at the end of my run, I drove back over and picked it up.  It was out by the trash and some other stuff, so I figure they were getting rid of it.  Yay free stuff!


I have previously posted about Turkey Day and lots of successful cooking, so I will spare those details.

I also got to catch up with my friend from law school, Legally Challenged.  (I’ll just call her Legally for short.)  It was so nice to see her again.  I don’t think we’ve seen each other since graduation!  We’ve emailed and talked on the phone, but it’s been a year and a half!!  We chatted for a couple hours, mostly about boys!!!  I also got to see her new car – super cute!  Hopefully I’ll get to catch up with her again when she’s home for the next holiday.

I also got to spend some time with Barbie while she was in town.  We went to lunch, which was yummy.  It was an opportunity for us to catch up, get some yummy Indian food, and do some girly shopping.  After a very delightful lunch, we stopped at a yarn store so Barbie could stock up on some fabulous supplies.  Then we hit up one of the great discount stores.  We each made some purchases that involved clothing and cookie cutters.  We both needed the cookie cutters.  I also bought a glass banana.  Yes, I said GLASS BANANA.  My office is having its holiday party next weekend and there is a white elephant gift exchange.  The glass banana was only $3.99 plus tax, and was Lenox – that famous glass and ceramics maker!  You know I’m already plotting to steal back my own gift!


And when I got home I decided it was finally time to put up my tree.  I haven’t finished decorating the rest of the house, but at least I got a little bit of festive-ness going on in one room!



After a long weekend and such a super week, here’s hoping that this week will just be just as great!!