46 Day Challenge – holiday update
March 17, 2010

Hope you wore your GREEN today!  Get in that workout before you enjoy partying tonight!  Here’s my “keeping me honest update.”  And in the spirit of honesty, I’ve really had some difficulty getting in my daily exercise the past couple weeks due to illness and other major events that have come up, and I probably would have given up on the challenge if it weren’t that I had already committed to it in writing here.

2/28 – Hoop walk 7 miles
3/1 – Run 2.55 miles
3/2 – Yoga 1 hour
3/3 – Run 2 miles
3/4 – Walk 1 mile
3/5 – Hooping 20 min.
3/6 – Hooping workshop 1 hour
3/7 – Hoop walk 7 miles
3/8 – Run 2.5 miles
3/9 – Yoga 1 hour
3/10 – Elliptical 10 min.
3/11 – Run 2.4 miles
3/12 – Run 3 miles
3/13 – Elliptical 10 min.
3/14 – Hoop walk 8 miles
3/15 – Elliptical 10 min.
3/16 – Yoga 1 hour
3/17 – Run 2.4 miles

Only 17 more days left to the challenge!  How has your fitness routine been?


46 Day Challenge
February 18, 2010

This time of year, many people are giving up things that are valuable to them.  I do not follow the tradition of Lent, so I do not really give up anything for the same reason I do not really make resolutions.  Instead last year, I started a new tradition, the 46 Day Challenge, and I add something for 46 days instead of give it up.

Starting on the day after Fat Tuesday, I exercise every single day until Easter.  To answer several questions.

1. Yes, I had to count out how many days it is between Fat Tuesday and Easter.  Twice, just to be sure.

2.  Yes, we should all be getting some kind of exercise every day. But admit it, we don’t.  I don’t even do it when I’m in training.  I relish my “rest” days.

3.  No, you don’t have to run a marathon every day for 46 days.  I’m not Eddie Izzard.  A 1 mile walk is sufficient if that’s all you have time for.  But it is intended to get in some sort of intentional exercise every day, preferably with some intensity in addition to the intentional.

4. No, it’s actually NOT as easy as it sounds.  Life, weather, and our own mind gets in the way.  We all get busy or just want to be lazy (or *gasp* want to clean house) on a Sunday.  Does not matter, go for a walk.  This time of year is notorious for its bad weather.  It’s cold in February and no one wants to go outside.  It rains a lot in March and no one wants to go outside.  Time to start developing indoor routines.  And just our plain own stubbornness will get in the way…but I JUST DON’T WANT TO.  Tough, just do it, even for a few minutes.

This isn’t really about sacrificing anything.  It’s about getting back into a good fitness routine after the winter and the holidays, and making it a habit again.  The first couple weeks are hard and require some creativity, but after 46 days it’s easy to go for a quick jog or lift weights, or find a yoga class.  I will have some help this time, because we’re in training to Hoop the Half Marathon.  So I already need to be walking and cross-training and hooping.

Oh yeah, and I challenge any of my readers to take up their own 46 Day Challenge.  It’s not too late to start!

Happy Cheap Heart Candy Day!
February 15, 2010

If you haven’t already gone to get the discount candy, you may be out of luck!  Don’t worry, the bunny holiday and all of its wonderful candy is on the way soon.

Oh…and…it snowed.  AGAIN!  This one I’m going to blame on Barbie, because she drove down from Canada for a few days and she probably brought some of that cold weather with her.  Ok, maybe not, but I do feel bad for her for two reasons: 1. She left the great white north in hopes of better, sunnier, and less snowier weather (yeah, no luck there sweet cheeks), and 2. Her bucket (how I lovingly refer to her vehicle) may have finally kicked the bucket, so to speak.  Good news is I will get to visit with Barbie!!

January 11, 2010

So, the holidays are over and there are two predominant ads floating around the airwaves lately.

These guys just don’t give up.  Take off the pressure to present overpriced necklaces, watches, rings, and the ever-present tennis bracelet under the misletoe (sidebar…who in the hell plays tennis in jewelry–Williams sisters aside–much less a bracelet covered in diamonds?!), and redirect that pressure to give her a heart shaped locket, charm bracelet, or (groan say it with me) that big deal diamond ring for that holiday that beats all other days of commercialism (and guys wallets) that’s filled with hearts, roses, cupids, and candy.  (Oh, but no lie, I love the day after when all the candy goes on sale.  Now that’s a holiday!)  My thoughts on it; if you love him/her, you tell or show them that all the time, not just one day of the year because the card companies and florists say you should.

I never really thought about it before, but just after the start of the new year all of the cruiseliners start filling in the breaks of the new seasons of our favorite couch past time.  “Wow, look everyone’s having fun.  Ooh, I bet it’s warm where they are.  What?!  A giant slide…and putt putt?!”  Two things fuel this fun bombarding my snack break to the kitchen.  It’s not their peak season, so they need money (but hey that means it’s cheap for you), but it’s also when families might, even subconsciously, start thinking about their summer vacations.  So the bright spot is that you can go now while it may be cheap, but a summer cruise…not so sure about that one.

A new kind of New Year’s
December 31, 2009

2009 has been a really great year for me.  Of course, I’ve had some highs and lows, but mostly highs that are great enough that can overshadow the lows.  I met some wonderful people, ran a fantastic race with my best friend, bought a fabulous condo (lovingly dubbed “The Bachelorette Pad”), successfully juggled two great jobs, and overall had a really fun time!

I’ve never really been one to have New Year’s resolutions, because it seems like you’re just asking yourself to fail when you put so much expectation on yourself. (though I’d really like to start getting my normally punctual butt to work on time more often)  But I do know that I have a few things I’m planning to accomplish this year, and they will be done, such as Hooping the Half Marathon, and continuing running, and visiting more with Barbie (maybe we’ll run another great race together!).  But I guess if I could have New Year’s resolutions or New Year’s wishes, I would make them for my friends:

For Barbie:  Continued happiness (and warmth) in Canada, more healthy (injury free) running, a successful school year, and her husband in the same house!

For Kentucky:  Health and happiness for her family and that she makes it through a particularly difficult New Years, and a wonderful wedding in the fall!

For Legally:  A relatively stress- (and boredom-) free job, a visit to The Bachelorette Pad (ok that one’s selfish on my part), and more success with her cake/goodies baking (if you haven’t checked it out on my blog links – Seriously Sweet is seriously cute), and hopefully she’ll bring me some goodies too (selfish plug #2), and more (injury free) of that super fast running she seems to do!

For Bama:  A successful school year, more fun nights watching TV (seriously that girl loves to entertain), and visits to both of our pools!

For Mister T:  A happy, healthy year for his family, and better decision making skills for our lunch dates.

For Mama-cita:  That her children continue to be happy and healthy, and a stress-free year with family.

For Shutterbug:  Lots and lots of work that is both fun and lucrative, and an opportunity to shoot us fire hooping!

For zico01:  More fun blogging and commenting (I always look forward to his comments here), and a joint blogging adventure with me and Barbie!

For all my hooper friends:  Lots of hooping, pretty hoops, and success on the Hooping the Half Marathon event day!

For Diva Kitty:  Lots and lots of cheese, fish, and crepes. (Yes apparently she likes crepes now)  More fun looking out the window at birds, squirrels, and chipmunks.  And attacking whatever it is that irks her on the stairs in the Bachelorette Pad.

Happy Holidays
December 26, 2009

Hope you are enjoying the warmth just as much as Diva Kitty.

December 4, 2009

How do you fuel the holidays?  Through commercialism and advertisements.* Yes, it’s that time of year, when we’re bombarded by retailers hawking guilt and happiness rather than focusing on good will, family, and whatever-else-do-gooders-love.

As I flip through the radio stations in my car, every single station is currently on a jewelry commercial.  “Make her happy this season.”  “Give him the watch that shows him you care.”  “Every kiss begins with Kay.”  Nope sorry, I’m pretty sure there are other things you can do (that don’t cost money) that show him you care, and as my fabulous hairdresser put it, every kiss begins with you buying me dinner.  Also, why is there this enormous pressure to get engaged over the holidays?  Isn’t it already stressful enough to worry about buying someone a present and/or the fact that you’re single without having that thrown in your face every seven minutes during your favorite tv show or pop/rock/hip-hop/country/etc. station?

I have decided I’m going to attack just one automobile manufacturer rather than the whole lot of them.  (Besides, our own local ones have enough problems of their own up in Detroit.)  Every year this overpriced Toyota starts showing sedans and SUVs with giant red bows on them.  The husband/wife/significant other makes the other look out the window to see such a display and they are so excited.  And for a moment we’re transported from reality.   Seriously?  Who here thinks they could 1. afford to buy a luxury car as a gift, 2. buy it without the significant other noticing the large chunk of money missing and/or credit check and/or change in insurance, 3. go through points 1 &2 and not get smacked, do some serious explaining, and then have to take it back the next day?  I mean really, I don’t have any friends or family who could feasibly do this.  And those who can do this kind of gift-giving, do you think they really watch South Park, The Office, or whatever else normal people watch on tv?

Fortunately I haven’t come across too many of these commercials this year, yet.  But inevitably there are commercials featuring a strong rugged guy with a horse in the snow (Stetson) or  a woman in the loving arms of a man who is obviously entranced by her scent that you can almost smell it through your tv (Prince Matchabelli, Chanel, Estee Lauder, et al.).  Maybe the old school commercials have gone by the wayside to all the popstars peddling their own particular scent of fame and shamelessness (Britney, Paris Hilton, Mariah, 50 Cent, Tim McGraw, Michael Jordan to name a few).  Sorry popstars, whatever you smell like, I probably don’t want it.

So, for the next month we will suffer through these ad nauseam.  Stay tuned for more Ad-renaline posts where I question just what the hell is wrong with ad companies and the stations that air their commercials.

*Note – I prefer the British advert-iss-ment, as my reader zico01 would say, over the American adver-tize-ment.

Battle for weekend
December 2, 2009

It’s a grey, damp coldness of a day.  I sit in my office with no windows, but I’m aware of the dreariness nonetheless.  I’d much rather taken a nap this morning.  Or even now if I could.  Last week was a short week due to the long holiday weekend and I’m feeling it this week.  Two more days?  Really?

Is it time to hibernate yet?

The good news is that I apparently battled for my long weekends and won.  Quite fabulously unintentionally.  A quick look at this month’s calendar and I have a vacation/holiday scheduling bonanza that I didn’t even plan.  Last week’s holiday presented a long 4-day weekend.  Full week this week.  Next week Sally has another birthday and I decided to take off both the birthday and the Friday that follows.  Ta-da!  Another 4-day weekend.  Full week the week after my birthday.  Then another holiday rolls around perfectly on Thursday and Friday the next week, this one without any vacation requests.  And what do my excited little blue eyes see…why yes, Virginia, that is another 4-day weekend immediately following with a holiday and conveniently scheduled vacation day.  To recap, that’s four 4-day weekends in six weeks.  Sweet.

Guess that makes getting through the next two days much easier.  Even with all the blah weather.

Happy Turkey-saurus Day!
November 26, 2009

It’s Turkey Day and I have a special holiday dino for you!  My friend, Frink, found this one last weekend and I had to share it with you!  It’s Thanksgiving, so thank you Frink for the new dino find and thank you Uno Dino for more urban dinosaur hunting.

As is my usual Turkey Day tradition, I ran the 5 mile race in the morning with my friend, Esquire.  I was determined to finish with a faster time this year and we were successful!  Our times had gotten slower and slower the past couple years.  We were finally able to crack the sub-50 minute time.  Last year’s time: 54:21 (our slowest yet).  This year’s time: 47:20 (our fastest yet).

Happy No Work Day
September 7, 2009

Finally, we are starting the holiday season.  Summer is just too long without any major holidays between spring and winter.  I celebrate whatever holidays they will give me a day off of work.  As you can see below, Diva Kitty celebrates this day everyday, and was particularly irritated that I would take a picture of her not “laboring.”

diva kitty

Well, Sally was actually laboring quite a bit today.  Remember when I said I had some big news coming soon?  I’m still not ready to spill the beans, but I figure I can give you hints along the way in each post until the big day.  The first hint is that I spent much of today going through everything in my ‘office’ in my house.  Wow, I had a lot of old paper that filled up the recycling bin.  For those readers who already know the big news, you are NOT allowed to spill it here.  For the others, feel free to keep guessing.  In a couple weeks you’ll find out if you’re right.