Frugal Sally
January 6, 2009

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Sally is taking steps for a more prosperous year (read, once again perfecting her frugal side) and wants to share her economic plan.

As I reported yesterday, I called Comcast and switched to their budget internet service.  They won’t tell you that they have a cheaper version of their internet service, but if you call and ask for it, they will gladly set you up.  It’s a slightly slower speed, but so far, I don’t notice much of a difference in my internet connection and look forward to my new bill. I also decided to save some money and put in some elbow grease.  We’ll see how long this lasts, but it’s true, Sally will no longer pay a service for home cleaning.  I really despise house cleaning, but there’s got to be a cheaper way and one that’s a little more thorough.  I also decided to extend the time between my hair cut appointments.  I acknowledge that I am probably a little bit more extravagant in this department, but I do get great entertainment with my fabulous hairdresser.  However, if I add in at least another 3-4 weeks between appointments, I’m cutting out up to the expense of 2 whole appointments a year, which is a nice little bit of change.

Here are some other tips that I actually started last year, but plan to continue.  When the weather’s good I try to walk or bike to work as often as possible.  I save on gas, help the environment, and get a little extra exercise.  I also take advantage of Free Movie Monday.  Redbox (you know, those little red kiosks outside the golden arches and inside grocery stores) will send you a text message with a code on Mondays for a free movie rental if you give them your cell phone number.  I know the movies are usually only a dollar plus tax, but hey this way I get free entertainment while my Neflix movies are in the mail from the weekend.  Besides it’s a great opportunity to try out a potentially bad movie without wasting any money.  Another obvious one is bringing my lunch to work  and trying to limit my eating out at lunch to once a week.  It also helps me eat healthier.  Finally, I have been trying to sign up for eBilling whenever possible either through my bank or through the actual company sending me a bill.  Not only am I saving a stamp (and in one case getting a discount on my loan interest rate), but I’m also helping the environment by choosing to receive bills electronically rather than in the mail.

What are your planned budget cuts this year?

P.S. many thanks to Abby Cat for the use of her lolcat image!  Please vote for her lolcat here!

Happy Birthday Sally!
December 10, 2008

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Canada pt. 3
October 5, 2008

This morning, we had a proper Canadian breakfast before running errands.  Well, maybe not proper, but definitely typical.  We went to the donut shop, Tim Hortons, for some donuts and juice and coffee.  Canadians love their “Timmy’s.”  The donuts were good, and I’m told the coffee is mediocre.  But my favorite part was the following sign.  Again, Canadians are very precise.  And polite.

No, this sign is not outside the donut shop.  It is inside.  By the tables and the bathrooms.  Please folks, do not spend more than 20 minutes eating your pastry-goodness.

Then, we decided to get provisions.  We first stopped at Michaels (the craft store we also know at home) and found some fantastic Halloween and fall cookie cutters and sprinkles.  Then we went to “The Beer Store.”  In Canada you buy beer at “The Beer Store.”  Basically it is the only place that sells beer and they are all called “The Beer Store.”  Once again, Canadians are very precise.  Here you can see Canadians lining up for the store to open.  With their children.  They also like lining up for stuff.

Next, we needed groceries.  There is a grocery store here called “Loblaws.”  Anyone who is a fan of Arrested Development will find this just as funny as me.  Look up the Law Office of Bob Loblaw.  (Yay Scott Baio!)  Anyway, I went around saying “Bob Loblaw” over and over all weekend – poor Barbie!  (Say it out loud, you’ll get it eventually.)  For posterity, here you go.

While in Loblaws, I discovered, once again, that Canadians are very precise.  Even with their generic products.  The generic brand at Loblaws is called “no name.”  See for yourself!

And since it is Canada, everything is billingual.  So, it is also “sans nom.”  (or in lolspeak – without food)  Even Barbie’s appliances are billingual.  The oven and washer and dryer are in both English and French, both Celsius and Farenheit.  I asked if we should be concerned if her appliances are smarter than we are.  Maybe they can learn to cook for Barbie while she’s at school.  If so, I want to import some of these!

So, as you have probably guessed, Barbie and I rekindled our great tradition of cookie baking!  Which involves drinking, giggling, eating, decorating, and oh yeah making cookies.  Here are the fruits of our labor!

So, there you have it, a fun and lazy Sunday.  Tomorrow is travel day.  Then I start work on Tuesday.

Interesting hump day
September 3, 2008

Today was a very interesting day. Filled with ups and downs, good and bad, fears and hopes confirmed and those still unconfirmed. The details are still fuzzy, but will hopefully come into focus sooner rather than later. I just keep telling myself “serenity now” and hoping that I will eventually reach that Nirvana that is the weekend.

Here’s some food for thought. (my favorite lolcat yet)

Just makin’ it
June 30, 2008

Yep, it’s Monday…all day. But here’s hoping for a short week. Well, as long as this doesn’t happen…

Um, yeah....