Adventures in Awards
November 14, 2008

Last night, I took Bama’s friend, Miss B, to a local country music awards show, hosted by one of my former employers.  Although I think they should rename it the PCA’s, or the Pop Culture Awards.  There were mega movie stars galore, TV stars, rap artists, reggae music, former pop artists, jokes about the recent election, and the list goes on.  It was all glam and very little country.  (though I was able to rack up some points on “spot the mullet”)  But it was moderately entertaining, and I enjoyed Miss B’s company.

One of the highlights of the night was Miss B’s interpretation of a woman standing near our aisle.  In the words of Miss B: “She works so hard all year not eating just so she can wear a bird on her chest.”  The woman was frail, but had on this crazy strapless dress that looked like a huge feather boa was wrapped around the top of the dress. 

The other highly entertaining moment of the night was at the after party.  First we ran into Abe Lincoln crossing the street, but that’s not the exciting part believe it or not.  We mingled and ate (to make up for the woman with the bird dress), but decided to head home after a little while.  On our way out, we noticed a man wearing a suit and a cowboy hat (really how original!), but his suit was amazing!  All along the lapel and down the front of the jacket were these tiny lights.  They were even along the cuffs of his jacket.  But wait, the excitement doesn’t stop there…he also had tiny lights on the buttons on his tux shirt as well as on his bow tie!!  Pure class all the way.  Miss B astutely observed that one does not wear something like that and not expect questions.  So I pushed her (always the instigator) to go ask him about the batteries required for that suit.  He very abruptly answered her and we were on our way.  But I had no idea someone would wear that in public, in all seriousness. 

So maybe there actually is a way to properly combine glam and country…I think it’s called tacky.