Why not wine?
March 1, 2009

One of the most frequent things complaints I hear from people who move here from other states (besides the infernal summers) is the fact that you can’t buy wine in a grocery store.  Or any store other than a liquor store for that matter.  On a related note, yes people complain that you can’t buy liquor on Sundays, but we have blue laws and this is bible belt, and like the infernal summers, it’s something we can’t change and you just get used to it.

But we have been working on changing the wine in grocery stores issue.  And one group in particular has been working very hard on it.  Red, White, And Food is a group that is working on changing the law so you can purchase wine in Tennessee grocery stores.  I know it would simplify my life to purchase my supplies for dinner (including libations) all in one store, or to show up at a Sunday party with that ever-so-crucial nice bottle of wine that I forgot to pick up the night before when the liquor stores were actually open.  It’s a wonderful thing, in fact.  You can buy beer, but that’s not always the best gift to a Sunday afternoon house warming or girls’ night.  Why not wine?  That’s their slogan and I certainly hope it sticks.

March 2nd is the Red, White, And Food Blog Day, and I’m gladly participating.  So click over to their website and see what it’s all about.  Read the fact sheet.  Visit their blog.  Write a letter.  Join them.  Refer a friend.  Or send your support in some other way.  Why not wine?