Vote for my slogan!
January 15, 2013

UPDATE:  I am tied for 1st place for the slogan contest.  BodyGlide has reopened voting until Friday.  Please go vote for my slogan below to help break the tie!


I love BodyGlide.  I’ve definitely talked about it here a bit.  So when I saw they were having a Slogan Contest, I knew I had to come up with a catchy saying.   I mean I wear the stuff enough (nearly every day), so I should be able to put my sass to good use very familiar with it.  I put down the first thing that came to mind….and it was selected as one of 5 finalists!!  What lurks in my mind when it comes to BodyGlide?

“Haste Makes Chafe”

That’s what.  Seriously, if you’re too hasty before a workout or race and skip this step, you’ll reap the benefits of chafing, usually in terribly uncomfortable places.

So here’s my plea, they are voting on the 5 finalists this week.  Voting opened today and you can vote once a day for the week. That’s 7 times you can vote and help me win, and get this catchy little slogan on a T-shirt!

Just click on the slogan above to vote, or on this sentence.

Vote now, and vote often (every day this week)!

Thank you!!

Note: Voting link may not work from a mobile device.

35-35-35 FINISH!
December 10, 2012

So I tried really hard, but I was unable to “outrun my birthday” as a clever friend said to me today.  But I did finish my 35 miles, with 3 hours to spare!

The big 3-5!

The big 3-5!

Yes, I am going to “STOP” running for a while.  Well, until my next race next weekend.  I’m not as sore as I expected to be.   I had a massage today for 90 minutes and I feel even better.  Not better enough to consider doing this again, but I do think I came up with a good plan for this crazy idea.  I’ve never run much more than 13 miles in one day and I certainly didn’t even train up to that mileage going into this.  I am not an ultra runner, nor do I have interest in turning into one.  Hell I don’t even want to run a full marathon.  But it is amazing what the body can do.

But most of all I have to thank all of my friends who ran with me: Tracy, Trent, Marc, Amanda, Karen.  And to the countless other friends and even strangers who cheered me on through texts, twitter, facebook, and blog comments.  It really helped get me through it.  You have no idea how much I appreciated it!

But here is the plan that I followed:

The week before the run:
I didn’t run at all.  I rode my bike, swam, and did some upper body strength training.  I wanted to save my legs.  I also ate a little more on the heavy side.  I figured I wouldn’t be eating much during those 35 hours due to my sensitive stomach (when running).  I wanted to store as many calories for energy as I could.

The run:
I knew I had just an hour shy of a day and a half, but since it’s December daylight hours are at a premium.  So I had to get in my runs very closely together.  I figured I could run up to 10 miles at a time without much trouble, especially if I split it up into at least 2 laps with a break for water and stretching in between.

The first day:
As planned, I ran a 5 mile loop, and had some water and a few minutes for rest and some stretching before beginning the second loop.  I was feeling OK and mostly managing to keep a 10 minute or more pace so I made it a 6 mile loop to work in some extra miles.  After I went home, showered and stretched.  I put on my compression tights and did some work on my foam roller.  For the second run, I managed two loops of 5 miles.  I worked in a bit of walking any time I came to a slight incline or just to rest for a minute.  That evening, I had a 60 minute massage scheduled and I slept in my compression tights, taking them off after a couple hours.

Second day:
I woke up very early after sleeping well and ran 1 mile as a warm up.   After eating breakfast and a little more stretching and foam roller, I went for another run.  Another 2 laps of 5 mile runs with stretching in between and brief walking breaks during the second lap.  I went home and rested and stretched and foam rolled some more.  Then all I had left was 3 miles, so I made a promise to myself I would run the entire 3 miles.

Third day:
I scheduled a final 90 minute massage to work out final kinks.

I made sure to consume plenty of fluids, in particular water (for basic hydration), nuun and pedialyte (for electrolytes), chicken broth (for sodium), chocolate milk (for recovery), Coke (to settle my stomach).
I ate plenty of bananas (for energy and cramps), peanut butter on bagels (for nutrition), Cliff Shots/Gus (during runs), salt (for sodium and cramps).
And of course a celebratory “Shower Beer” before meeting friends for (veggie) burger and (waffle) fries and more beer.


I worked on trying to keep the first runs slow at 10 minute mile or slower and allow it to get slower on its own or be dictated by my pacers.

1.  Sat, Dec 8, 2012 8:10 AM
Distance: 11.00 mi
Time: 1:49:56
Avg Pace: 10:00 min/mi

Avg Pace
Summary 1:49:55 11.00 10:00
1 9:46.92 1.00 9:47
2 10:17.85 1.00 10:18
3 10:12.61 1.00 10:13
4 9:55.64 1.00 9:56
5 9:50.09 1.00 9:50
6 9:55.49 1.00 9:55
7 9:58.4 1.00 9:58
8 9:58.6 1.00 9:59
9 9:58.71 1.00 9:59
10 9:55.06 1.00 9:55
11 10:06.16 1.00 10:07


2.  Sat, Dec 8, 2012 2:14 PM
Distance: 10.00 mi
Time: 1:48:44
Avg Pace: 10:52 min/mi

Avg Pace
Summary 1:48:44.4 10.00 10:52
1 10:44.4 1.00 10:44
2 10:56.9 1.00 10:57
3 11:03.6 1.00 11:04
4 10:35.2 1.00 10:35
5 10:32.9 1.00 10:33
6 10:36.0 1.00 10:36
7 11:07.6 1.00 11:08
8 10:59.1 1.00 10:59
9 10:37.2 1.00 10:37
10 11:29.1 1.00 11:29
11 :02.5 0.00 9:35


3.  Sun, Dec 9, 2012 6:49 AM
Distance: 1.00 mi
Time: 10:11
Avg Pace: 10:12 min/mi

Avg Pace
Summary 10:10.7 1.00 10:12
1 10:10.7 1.00 10:12


4.  Sun, Dec 9, 2012 9:06 AM
Distance: 10.01 mi
Time: 1:45:32
Avg Pace: 10:33 min/mi

Avg Pace
Summary 1:45:32.0 10.01 10:33
1 10:41.2 1.00 10:41
2 10:36.9 1.00 10:37
3 10:13.9 1.00 10:14
4 10:08.4 1.00 10:08
5 9:58.8 1.00 9:59
6 10:36.1 1.00 10:36
7 10:23.1 1.00 10:23
8 10:38.9 1.00 10:39
9 11:39.0 1.00 11:39
10 10:32.8 1.00 10:33
11 :03.1 0.01 9:44


5.  Sun, Dec 9, 2012 3:06 PM
Distance: 3.00 mi
Time: 31:33
Avg Pace: 10:32 min/mi

Avg Pace
Summary 31:33.5 3.00 10:32
1 10:28.0 1.00 10:28
2 10:34.6 1.00 10:35
3 10:31.0 1.00 10:32

And as far as how I’m doing after the run, well I walked away fairly unscathed.  Yes, I have some muscle soreness.  Only had some pain in my knee while running on the last day, but that didn’t stick around.  Oddly I developed blisters on the bottoms of several of my toes.  No new blisters on my feet, but several toes (only on the bottom) were casualties.  I also have 2 weird tiny chafed spots on my back.  I’m assuming from a sports bra, but it’s just 2 small spots the size of a pencil eraser and kinda low to be my sports bra, but it doesn’t hurt and I can’t see it so I’ll pretend it’s not there.  Otherwise I escaped relatively injury free.  Not bad for an old lady!

Birthday Week Run
December 5, 2012

So I’ve lost my mind and decided to do something really not smart for my birthday.  I’m going to run.  Yeah, yeah, I know, I’m a runner.  But, I’m talking about running a lot.  A LOT.

Inspired by my very good friend, I have decided I’m going to run 35 miles* in 35 hours for my 35th birthday.  That’s a lot of running.  No I haven’t particularly trained to run 35 miles, but I’m also not planning to run all of it at once.  But I am planning to split it up into several runs over the day and a half.  I’m calling it my 35-35-35 Run.

I’m begging encouraging my running friends to come and run some of the miles with me.  Mostly I need someone to help pace me V E R Y  S  L  O  W  L  Y.  I figure the slower I go the less wear and tear on my body.  The first 3 runs will be split up into at least 2 loops so that friends can join me for a few miles at a time if they want, and to give me a chance to circle back around for water/bathroom/stretching breaks.

8am – 10 mile run (split into 2 loops)
2pm – 10 mile run (split into 2 loops)
6:30pm – 60 minute massage

9am – 10 mile run (split into loops)
3pm – 5 mile run VERY SLOW (if I manage to work in an extra mile or 2 in the runs above, this may be shorter, or longer if I was struggling)
6pm – Celebratory beer(s) with friends

90 minute massage (if I can still walk)

I fully expect there to be several walk breaks and that my last run will be nothing short of a fast walk slow run crawl.  I plan to switch out shoes periodically, and probably go through several bandaids and/or moleskin.

I’ll drink plenty of water, chocolate milk, nuun, pedialyte, chicken broth, and Coke.

I’ll eat countless Gus/Cliff Shots, Honey Stinger Chews, Sport Beans, pretzels, Immodium, ibuprofen.

When I’m not running, I’ll take ice baths, get a massage, use The Stick on my legs, fight with my foam roller, nap, stretch, and generally rest and stay off my feet.

* NOTE I reserve the right to change this to 35k at any time if I decide I have bitten off way more than my running shoes can chew.

Nashvegas Olympic Tri – Race Report (and announcement)
September 28, 2012

Goofy pre-race with reflective lens goggles.

This race report is bittersweet.  I get to tell you about another great race, but it also marks the end of my triathlon racing season for this year.  But it also means I get a little reprieve from countless hours of training.  (I wonder if I’ll even recognize my friends any more.)  And I also have a big announcement…but you have to wait to the end.  And NO peeking, so quit scrolling down!

I’m trying to smile, but pre-race fear shows through.

Mentally I was feeling pretty good about this race.  The race directors had changed the bike course a couple times, and I rode it each time, so I felt I was ready to deal with all the turns and was glad I didn’t have to tackle that hill in the old course.  Just as it was getting close to time to head down to the water, it started to sprinkle slightly.  I knew rain was in the forecast, but they thought maybe it had already moved through overnight.  I pulled out the plastic bags from my transition bag and bagged up my bike shoes/socks/helmet/watch, then bagged up my running shoes, hat, and water bottle, and finally bagged up my transition bag that held my keys and cell phone.  As I headed to the water, I realized I forgot my Cliff Shot, so I ran back into transition to grab it (and hoped I didn’t set off my chip crossing the mats).

There’s a storm coming? The current is strong? Icky things in the water? Lalala I can’t hear you.

Swim – 1mile – 36:19
The loading ramp was slippery/slimy with algae so we all scooted our butts down to the rocks and sat in the drizzling rain to wait for the swim start.  My wave was all women plus relay teams.  We took off swimming to the other side of the river.  Because of the rocks and the ramp we weren’t able to spread out and really got started in a tight wave.

I was right in the middle of the washing machine churn of arms and legs, but I kept my breath under control!!  No anaerobic freak out!!  This was a first and I was so excited!  We made the turn at the first buoy and I was trying to hang on to this one girl and draft off her, but she was a little too fast.  So I stuck with this other girl who was right beside me, until I realized she was zig zagging her way between me and someone on the far right of her.  She would bounce off me, then zag over and bounce off the other person.  Ugh, I knew I needed to get away from her, so I pushed on and was swimming by myself for a while.  That’s when the “omigod am I ever going to finish this swim/ugh a mile is a REALLY long way to swim/can I do this/no, it’s like a really really long way” thoughts set in.  Not good.  But I was able to keep it from causing a panic in the water and just swam until I caught someone on the second buoy turn.  I tried to follow a new girl, but I was really fighting swimming perpendicular to the current.  But the last buoy turn, it had really started to rain hard.  It is a surreal sensation to have your face in the warm river water, then turn to breach and get pelted in the face with cold rain water.  Soon enough though, the zig zag girl was back, ugh! She was like a booger I just couldn’t flick.  At some point she started zigging towards  the shore (and trying to take me with her), but I was sighting and saw a tree sticking out of the water. I let her pass, took off towards the middle of the water, but not before a gentle shove to remind her that she’s not paying attention.  When I started getting close to swim out point, I took off to wake up my legs and to beat out the other swimmers to the volunteers to help you out of the slippery loading dock. (Seriously they had the worst job, and in the rain!)  But I felt pretty good about the swim.  No real freakouts, I didn’t feel terrible during the swim or right after.  Maybe I’ve got this swimming thing down.  And I even managed the currents (though I’ll admit I’m not smart enough to figure out which way the current was going).

 Don’t I look happy about the rain?
Also rain makes me levitate apparently.

T1 – 2:40

I ran towards transition and by this time it was pouring rain.  I made peace with the fact that this was not going to be a PR day.  I wouldn’t even like driving my car in this weather, much less riding on skinny slick bike tires.  So I took my time in transition and mentally prepared for a tough ride.  I’m SO glad I bagged my stuff, because I had dry shoes and watch to put on.  It didn’t last long, but still.

 Just starting the ride.  In the rain.

Bike – 25miles – 1:33:12
The first part of the bike course is 7miles out on the highway and turn around for a few miles before heading off on a bunch of side country roads.  That first 7mi I was taking easy, trying to get a feel for riding in such heavy rain.  I got passed a lot but I looked down and I was doing 20mph at a few points.  I looked over and saw the bikes coming back after the turnaround and was confused.  There were a bunch of fast guys on bikes with race wheels and the crazy aero helmets and it looked like they were hardly moving.  It wasn’t really much of a hill, why were they being so puny?  I made the turnaround and immediately hit a massive headwind wall and instantly dropped 10mph from my speed.  Ugh!  I cursed and yelled and tried to talk myself into fighting this downpour and headwind for the next 5 or 6 miles until we turned off to side roads.  Unfortunately the wind and the rain didn’t change on the side roads either.  And we ran into the problem of local people driving cars, who don’t know how to drive around a cyclist!  So they would slow down to about 10mph and ride behind a cyclist, which meant we would bunch up 3-4 at a time behind the car.  I was terrified I would get a drafting penalty and these cars were causing me to lose even more speed and time, so I finally started passing cars on the left in oncoming traffic.  I had no other choice.  It was such a frustrating ride.  Too many cars, too many obstacles to slow down around, and the weather was horrendous.  I was really glad I already knew the somewhat technical course or I would have been even more frustrated trying to figure out where to go.

 Finally drying out!

T2 2:39
As I headed into T2, the rain was starting to let up.  My shoes and socks were soaked and squishy since about 5miles into the ride.  I knew my running shoes would be nice and dry in the bag, but my socks were gross and I hadn’t really prepared my feet or my shoes to go barefoot, and especially not for 6miles.  Then I remembered I had an extra pair of socks in my transition bag because Indecisive Sally couldn’t make up her mind which socks she wanted to wear when she packed the bag the night before.  Hot Damn!!  I took the extra time to get into my bagged up transition bag and get out the socks, put on my shoes and hat and I was off.

Run – 10k – 53:32
I can’t begin to tell you how good I felt running with those dry shoes and socks!  Seriously I felt like a new woman.  The rest of me was totally disgusting, but my feet were warm and dry and soft, and on the run your feet are the most important part!  The rain had stopped (which is about the only sport I don’t mind being in the rain) and the sun had come out some, but it was still really cool (low 70s) and some cloud cover so it didn’t get steamy and gross.  The run course was fairly flat and I was feeling really good.  I was going along at a good pace, but I wanted to hold back on the first couple miles to make sure I didn’t blow up and have to walk the last 2 miles.  I felt great the entire run, and didn’t need to stop and take water from the volunteers.  I had my own handheld but I hardly used it, but you never know just how good the water support is going to be.  In fact I dumped out the remainder of my water bottle on the last mile and attached it to my race belt in the back and picked up the pace to haul it in for the last 1/2 mile.  I think the run felt so good, because I had to hold back so much on the bike.  I just had so much more left in the tank.  In fact I probably could have punched it even harder, but I’m pretty happy with the run.

Total: 3:08:22

What I learned in this race:

  • Always pack an extra pair of socks!  Seriously you might need them and they will make your life so much better.  (This also goes for an extra swim cap and goggles, which I already do.)
  • Keep plastic bags neatly folded up and tucked in your transition bags.  I like to save the big clear plastic bags that the UPS/FedEx guys put on your boxes when they leave them on your door.  Dry cleaning bags work great too, just tie a knot in the end that is open.  Clear is best so you can see your stuff, but any trash bag will do.
  • When you have a ride that you’re not able to really push on, you better push the hell out of the run because you’ll have so much more left in the tank.

So, overall I’m pretty happy with the race.  With the bad weather and terrible circumstances with the bike ride, I still had a pretty decent finish time.  I know without those issues I would have had a really good time and maybe a PR, but this year was about learning about the Oly race distance and what it takes.  For my second Oly, I’m very pleased.  I handled everything it threw at me and didn’t lose my mind or temper or breakfast.  I kept my focus (which is better than my first tri of the season 4 months earlier).

So, now that I’ve tackled the Oly distance, it’s time to take on the next big goal.  That’s right, a Half Ironman.  And for my big announcement, I’ve already signed up for my first Half Ironman for next year!  On July 13 next year, you can find me at Ironman Muncie 70.3!  That’s 70.3 miles = 1.2mi swim, 56mi bike, and 13.1 run!  I can’t wait.  But for now, tri season is over.  I still have 2 more big running races, then I have 3 months to relax before I start Ironman training in January!

eyes & ears
June 28, 2010

What I’m currently watching…

“Top Chef” (Season 7)
I’m not a big reality show watcher, or even a big TV watcher.  But when I found out one of the cheftestants on this season’s Top Chef was local, I knew I had to check it out.  Arnold Myint, is definitely my favorite for the show.  I knew Arnold years ago when he went by Aye and was figure skater too!  Now he owns 3 of my favorite restaurants in town! (PM, ChaChah, and Suzy Wong’s House of Yum)  So, yes, every Wednesday night I settle down with some yummy food and watch more yummy food (and usually ridiculous elimination rounds) on TV.  I’m also hosting other Top Chef/food/Arnold fans at my house, potluck style.  It’s definitely more fun with friends!

West Wing
I always avoided this show, because I figured the politics would bore the life out of me.  After attending a West Wing party at a friend’s house, I realized just how smart and witty this show is!  So, now thanks to Netflix we’re watching it from the beginning.  The characters are so engaging and the lines are so quick and funny!  Also, now I can finally get all the jokes and one-liners my friends drop all the time.

What I’m currently reading…

Undead and Unemployed (by Mary Janice Davidson)
So, this is actually the second book I’m reading this summer.  I know!!  Me? Reading? 2 books? Yep!  The first book in this series, Undead and Unwed, went to the beach with me last month and it was completely consumed in about 4 days.  But now, I’m back from the beach, with less free time.  But the second book sits in my pool bag and I get in a chapter or two every now and then.  This book can be not-so-easily characterized as chick-lit/vampire/paranormal romance/satire.  Usually categories, except for satire, that I have no interest in at all.  But the main character, an unwilling vampire of sorts, has a major affinity for shoes and just wants to ignore the whole vampire thing.  I love shoes, so I gave the first book a try, with a Grisham novel as a back up in case it sucked.  It was the perfect beach/pool reading material!  She is so snarky and obsessed with shoes, I love it!

What I’m currently listening to…

I have a confession to make.  When I’m in my car, I listen to pop music.  And I mean really bad pop music.  I don’t know why.  I’m generally a rock chick at heart, but I’m a classically trained musician so I have an appreciation of most music.  I chalk it up to all the hula hooping.  Honestly, upbeat, rhythmic music, and sometimes risque lyrics just lend themselves to hooping.  But I’m driving in my car, not hooping.  I have another confession to make.  I actually like it.  Enter Ke$ha, Britney Spears, Katy Perry, Ludacris, Black Eyed Peas, Lady Gaga, and the list goes on.  My excuse, it’s the summer, get over it!

Sally in Training
July 8, 2009

It’s official, Sally is in training again.  Barbie and I have signed up to run this half-marathon race in October.  This means lots of very early morning runs in the heat and humidity in the South, aches and pains in places I forgot about since my last race, and a potential loss of a toenail.  But that’s the price you pay.

In fact, this is the price you pay . . .

New stick of Body Glide . . . . . . . . . . . $8.95

Race registration  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $60.00

New running shoes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $142.01

Monthly massages . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  $280.00

Running 13.1 miles in two
countries with your best friend . . . . . . . . PRICELESS

Sally’s Retrospective
June 14, 2009

It has been exactly one year since Sally decided to take on the world.  There have been ups and downs, adventures and funny pictures and signs.

I survived a miserable job to find one that allowed me to have a life again as well as a lucrative side business.  I also learned how to be a single thirtysomething.  Survived on my own without having my best friend, Barbie, in the same country on a regular basis.  I think those are my biggest accomplishments.

I’ve had many adventures: monster trucks, Canada, searching for weird stuff, Vegas, beach, wining, to name a few.

I have made many discoveries of dinosaurs around my neighborhood.  I feel like a little kid after the tooth fairy comes when I find those!

I started a garden.  Took up hula hooping.  Admitted I have a shoe problem, and learned to swap my clothes.  Discovered a new love of a certain online retailer and their contests.  I attended some great concerts, and saw some really funny signs.

Although, I didn’t document everything here, I have had quite a good time.  I ran one race and have decided to train for another one with Barbie.  I plan to have many more adventures in the next year of Sally.

Got any tips for Sally’s next year of adventures?

Fantastic Weekend!
May 3, 2009

I love when I take an otherwise dreary, rainy weekend and make it fabulous!  Friday, I relaxed after work with a good friend, a bottle of wine, a movie, and great conversation.

Saturday I started off right, with a steam and a therapeutic massage.  (I highly recommend scheduling a massage several weeks from now, then getting the pleasant surprise when the appointment rolls around!)  The weather was still pretty damp, so I put off visiting the craft fair.  (unfortunately they canceled it for weather)  But I finally put my tomato plants in the ground and planted my herbs and pepper plant in containers.


Lemon basil and Thai Star basil in container on left, Greek Columnar basil, Italian parsley, and Dill in containers on right.  A baby pepper plant in the white container and two kinds of tomatoes in the ground!




After cleaning off the mud, I caught up with lots of friends at a housewarming party.  Then ended the night, with the First Saturday Gallery Crawl in downtown.  Bouncing around to several art galleries, checking out the great art is always a blast.  And free!

Sunday, I joined friends for a Slow Food Hot Dog Day at the cutest hot dog weenery.  Yes, I did just use that word and it was fantastic.  The gourmet dogs were great, but the toppings were more than I could fit on one bun!  Then I spent some quality time at my favorite east side coffee shop until my next adventure.

After catching up over a glass of wine, I went with a friend to the latest ecoChic Swap!  I loved my last ecoChic adventure and once again this one did not disappoint.  I even won two of the raffle prizes, $50 gift certificate to a vintage store and gift certificate to yoga classes I can take with my ecoChic buddy!  Here is my fabulous haul!


Yes, I did get more shoes!  I know I admit I have a shoe problem (is it really a problem?), but in all fairness, I took four pairs there and only came home with three pairs!  A pair of fabulous red boots, some purple striped wedges with ribbons that wrap around your ankles, and cutesy black patent mary jane peep toe heels!


My final haul in addition to the shoes: Brown Gap jacket, brown striped purse, purple wallet, pink workout tank top, brown sweater dress, cute fancy tank top, Levi jeans, plaid pants, red shirt, Benetton summer top, and floral wrap blouse.  I got some great things for work and some fun clothes too!  Next one is September and is vintage only.  Time to start scouring thrift stores for vintage stuff to exchange!  After our haul, my ecoChic buddy and I had some dinner at a fun little east side Mexican restaurant.

What a fabulous way to spend my weekend.  I wish all my rainy days were this much fun!

How many steps?
February 27, 2009

My name is Sally…and I’m a shoe-aholic.  It’s official, I think I  have a problem and need to seek out a program.  The first step is admitting you have a problem right?  I have been really good the past few years with my shoe expenditures.  Whether that was actually “being good” or the result of being a broke adult grad student, we will never know.  Regardless, I was good about purging at least a pair or two at the end of the year and not buying shoes, unless I really needed them (like new running sneakers).

But I’ve officially ended my streak.  So far, this year alone, I have purchased 11 pairs of shoes.  (and it’s only the second month!)  I know and understand that most people don’t even own 11 pairs, much less 11 new ones, but to quote Barbie…I really needed them.  (in the way that you really need that extra piece of cake – rationalizing is a beautiful thing) 

At the beginning of the year, I scored 4 pairs of shoes at the closing of the overpriced big box retailer store.  I got a great deal on them, and was in need of some new work shoes that are dressy casual and that I can wear around town.  Then, I went to the ecoChic Swap, and scored two more pairs.  And to be fair, it wasn’t like I purchased those, they were swapped or selected in the free-for-all.  Well, I happened to be at another big box mall retailer this week (don’t judge I was picking something up, not intending to shop) and not only were the shoes 70% off, but everything in the store was an additional 40% off!   I managed to walk away with another 5 pairs!  Yes, five.  They are all very cute and I know I will wear them and I wasn’t caught up in the sale frenzy.  I just couldn’t leave them behind, they were each perfect in their own way.

So, yes, I have a problem and may need to look into 12 steps for it.  First step – admitting the problem.  But I’m just worried that one of those steps involves getting rid of my shoes and I’m not sure I’m ready for that.