Vote for my slogan!
January 15, 2013

UPDATE:  I am tied for 1st place for the slogan contest.  BodyGlide has reopened voting until Friday.  Please go vote for my slogan below to help break the tie!


I love BodyGlide.  I’ve definitely talked about it here a bit.  So when I saw they were having a Slogan Contest, I knew I had to come up with a catchy saying.   I mean I wear the stuff enough (nearly every day), so I should be able to put my sass to good use very familiar with it.  I put down the first thing that came to mind….and it was selected as one of 5 finalists!!  What lurks in my mind when it comes to BodyGlide?

“Haste Makes Chafe”

That’s what.  Seriously, if you’re too hasty before a workout or race and skip this step, you’ll reap the benefits of chafing, usually in terribly uncomfortable places.

So here’s my plea, they are voting on the 5 finalists this week.  Voting opened today and you can vote once a day for the week. That’s 7 times you can vote and help me win, and get this catchy little slogan on a T-shirt!

Just click on the slogan above to vote, or on this sentence.

Vote now, and vote often (every day this week)!

Thank you!!

Note: Voting link may not work from a mobile device.

One dead on, Two dead wrong
February 11, 2011

After my last post, I used my Groupon to buy some nice things for myself.  I needed a new calendar for my drab janitor closet office, and I usually wait until after the new year to get them on sale.  I also found a couple DVDs I wanted.  I made my order and patiently waited all week for them to arrive.  But the last laugh was on me.

First I ordered 2 DVDs.  I ordered Shaun of the Dead, because it’s a hilarious cult zombie classic!  (Little trivia about Sally, she loves zombie movies, the campier the better!)  I also ordered Run Fat Boy Run, because it’s actually a very inspiring movie (yes it involves running) and a cute love story, with typical Simon Pegg humor thrown in for good measure.  Great movies for the collection.  However, this is what I got instead…


I felt like the shipping facility was judging me.  Hey I run several days a week and work out pretty regularly thank you!

But I also ordered my new calendar.  And the correct calendar arrived.  So maybe they were actually in on my little joke and making a hat tip to my calendar choice by sending DVD substitutes.

See, it was dead on!


November 8, 2009

(I’m starting a new featured posting.  It’s no secret that I experience weird stuff on a daily basis.  I have tried to explain to one friend that I don’t seek out such weirdness, it just seems to find me.  Barbie has a theory that maybe it’s not an issue of weird stuff picking one person to happen to, but rather that particular person keeps their eyes open for it and are more observant.  Either way, I’ve got a knack for witnessing the strange and random.)

A trip to the grocery

This weekend I made what I thought was a routine errand run to the grocery store.  With a few items in my cart, I picked the shortest cashier line, and that’s when I saw it.  Ahead of me was a man purchasing 78 sticks of Speed Stick.  Yes, I counted!  That was all he was purchasing and he paid cash.  I have no idea what this guy planned to do with that many sticks of deodorant, but I couldn’t tear my eyes away as the cashier ran every single stick through the scanner.  Beep.  Beep.  Beep.  78 times!  I’m pretty sure a grocery store doesn’t stock that many sticks on the shelf, so he must have asked someone to gather more from the stock in the back.  I hope no guys went to that store later hoping to buy some deodorant.  Maybe this guy knows something about Speed Stick that we don’t.

Happy Place
October 29, 2009

Last night I was thinking about my “happy place.”  Before you start getting any ideas, I mean somewhere or something that makes me feel good.   I decided that I have three distinct happy places.   Places I walk away from always feeling great!  In no particular order…

1. The Bathtub

Anyone who knows me, even only marginally, knows I have deep love affair with the bath.  Even as a child I could spend hours in the tub.  Although back then it was with toys, now it is with a large (emphasis on large) glass of wine or other cocktail of the moment and sometimes chocolate and/or ice cream.  It is well-known that Sally likes to drink in the tub.  A lot.  I swear it’s the cure for any headache, stress, etc.  I also frequently take phone calls from the tub, (Is that an echo, do I hear water…yes!) even though I don’t normally answer the phone on dry land.  I guess it relaxes me enough to handle a phone conversation.  If you’re skeptical, pour yourself a glass of your favorite wine and draw a nice hot bath…nothing tops it!

2. Trader Joe’s

Ok, I’ve joked that TJ’s is my happy place, it’s my Disneyland!  We’ve been graced with one only in the last year here, but it’s a single girl’s theme park.  First, it’s super cheap.  Every time I’m at the cashier I estimate the total will be at least 20% more than it really is and I’m thrilled each time.  Second, there are all kinds of new and different things to try, and at those prices why not try some pumpkin pancake mix, or chili spiced dried pineapples, or  sea salt and turbinado sugar and dark chocolate covered almonds?  Third, you always feel really good in there.  No really, I think they pump atomized Prozac through the vents.  If you don’t believe me, watch the people who work there, they are the happiest people on earth and they spend several hours a day there.  Finally, which may be related to the third reason, you always feel like the people who work at TJ’s are hitting on you…regardless of gender.  I always feel like the cutest, smartest, funniest girl when I’m in that store.  Sometimes I think I go there just for the ego boost.  And the free samples in the back!

3. My hoop

I can’t explain it.  I always feel really good when I’m in my hoop and can walk away from a workout feeling so much joy even after the worst day in history.  It must massage some internal organs that release endorphins and other feel-good hormones while you’re hooping.  Recently during the hooping workshops, the guest teacher commented that I look so “calm and at peace” when I’m hooping.  I never really thought about it, but figured I was probably concentrating really hard while she was watching so I wouldn’t mess up.  But another hooper I’ve worked with also agreed that I’m “very Zen” when I’m hooping.  It’s great to know that something so simple can put me in such a state.  I know when I’m hooping, I feel very unique, sexy, and powerful all at the same time.   While this is still a new “place” for me, I very glad for having found the hoop.

What’s your happy place?

Productive Day
July 19, 2009

My accomplished list today:

Ran 6 miles – (we had a record low this morning and it felt wonderful; I also saw not 1, but 2 pairs of does and fawns within the first mile!)

Mowed the front and back lawns – (if you’ve seen my back lawn, you know it’s a task within itself)

Added more soil and mulch to my tomato plants – (c’mon buddies grow!)

Transplanted some plants that were rooting in water into 3 pots.

Showered – (after all that, I was one ripe girl)

Grocery shopped

Hunted some urban dinosaurs – (stay tuned, I have some exciting things to share!)

Made some much-needed purchases at the sporting goods store

Washed 3 loads of laundry

Reviewed several contracts

Washed dishes – (I do not have a dishwasher, so yes, this counts!)

Made chocolate chip cupcakes

Spent some time with friends and Sunday evening TV – (we’re currently watching this and this)

Are you tired yet?

Sally’s Retrospective
June 14, 2009

It has been exactly one year since Sally decided to take on the world.  There have been ups and downs, adventures and funny pictures and signs.

I survived a miserable job to find one that allowed me to have a life again as well as a lucrative side business.  I also learned how to be a single thirtysomething.  Survived on my own without having my best friend, Barbie, in the same country on a regular basis.  I think those are my biggest accomplishments.

I’ve had many adventures: monster trucks, Canada, searching for weird stuff, Vegas, beach, wining, to name a few.

I have made many discoveries of dinosaurs around my neighborhood.  I feel like a little kid after the tooth fairy comes when I find those!

I started a garden.  Took up hula hooping.  Admitted I have a shoe problem, and learned to swap my clothes.  Discovered a new love of a certain online retailer and their contests.  I attended some great concerts, and saw some really funny signs.

Although, I didn’t document everything here, I have had quite a good time.  I ran one race and have decided to train for another one with Barbie.  I plan to have many more adventures in the next year of Sally.

Got any tips for Sally’s next year of adventures?

Sally’s Beach Adventure
May 25, 2009


I just returned from a lovely visit to the Gulf in Ft. Morgan, Alabama.  Barbie and I packed up the car and headed down mid-week.  Much love to Bama, whose family’s cabin we visited.  Bama was already gone, after spending the first part of the week there, but we visited with Bama’s mom and her friend.

beach 1

Note how far away the water is from the cabin...

Note how far away the water is from the cabin...

beach 3

beach 4

The first couple days were nice, but a bit windy.  The sand blasted you if you stayed on the beach too long.  Can you see the wind blowing around on the top of the sand dune?


beach 5

beach 7

Then, the wind started picking up more on the third day, so we (natch) hit the outlet mall.  Don’t worry, we didn’t do too much damage.  But we did have gelato for dinner at the best little spot.  Who says billboards don’t work?  Worked for us!

On the last day, I woke up to find that the Gulf of Mexico had moved in closer to the cabin…and under the cabin!  Apparently a tropical depression had been moving in.  Now notice how close the water is to the cabin now.

storm 1

storm 2

storm 3

Yes, that is water under the cabin and a wave slowly drifting towards the deck.

storm 4

So we packed up the car and headed home.  It rained the entire trip back, but it was fun adventure no doubt!

beach 6

Fantastic Weekend!
May 3, 2009

I love when I take an otherwise dreary, rainy weekend and make it fabulous!  Friday, I relaxed after work with a good friend, a bottle of wine, a movie, and great conversation.

Saturday I started off right, with a steam and a therapeutic massage.  (I highly recommend scheduling a massage several weeks from now, then getting the pleasant surprise when the appointment rolls around!)  The weather was still pretty damp, so I put off visiting the craft fair.  (unfortunately they canceled it for weather)  But I finally put my tomato plants in the ground and planted my herbs and pepper plant in containers.


Lemon basil and Thai Star basil in container on left, Greek Columnar basil, Italian parsley, and Dill in containers on right.  A baby pepper plant in the white container and two kinds of tomatoes in the ground!




After cleaning off the mud, I caught up with lots of friends at a housewarming party.  Then ended the night, with the First Saturday Gallery Crawl in downtown.  Bouncing around to several art galleries, checking out the great art is always a blast.  And free!

Sunday, I joined friends for a Slow Food Hot Dog Day at the cutest hot dog weenery.  Yes, I did just use that word and it was fantastic.  The gourmet dogs were great, but the toppings were more than I could fit on one bun!  Then I spent some quality time at my favorite east side coffee shop until my next adventure.

After catching up over a glass of wine, I went with a friend to the latest ecoChic Swap!  I loved my last ecoChic adventure and once again this one did not disappoint.  I even won two of the raffle prizes, $50 gift certificate to a vintage store and gift certificate to yoga classes I can take with my ecoChic buddy!  Here is my fabulous haul!


Yes, I did get more shoes!  I know I admit I have a shoe problem (is it really a problem?), but in all fairness, I took four pairs there and only came home with three pairs!  A pair of fabulous red boots, some purple striped wedges with ribbons that wrap around your ankles, and cutesy black patent mary jane peep toe heels!


My final haul in addition to the shoes: Brown Gap jacket, brown striped purse, purple wallet, pink workout tank top, brown sweater dress, cute fancy tank top, Levi jeans, plaid pants, red shirt, Benetton summer top, and floral wrap blouse.  I got some great things for work and some fun clothes too!  Next one is September and is vintage only.  Time to start scouring thrift stores for vintage stuff to exchange!  After our haul, my ecoChic buddy and I had some dinner at a fun little east side Mexican restaurant.

What a fabulous way to spend my weekend.  I wish all my rainy days were this much fun!

How many steps?
February 27, 2009

My name is Sally…and I’m a shoe-aholic.  It’s official, I think I  have a problem and need to seek out a program.  The first step is admitting you have a problem right?  I have been really good the past few years with my shoe expenditures.  Whether that was actually “being good” or the result of being a broke adult grad student, we will never know.  Regardless, I was good about purging at least a pair or two at the end of the year and not buying shoes, unless I really needed them (like new running sneakers).

But I’ve officially ended my streak.  So far, this year alone, I have purchased 11 pairs of shoes.  (and it’s only the second month!)  I know and understand that most people don’t even own 11 pairs, much less 11 new ones, but to quote Barbie…I really needed them.  (in the way that you really need that extra piece of cake – rationalizing is a beautiful thing) 

At the beginning of the year, I scored 4 pairs of shoes at the closing of the overpriced big box retailer store.  I got a great deal on them, and was in need of some new work shoes that are dressy casual and that I can wear around town.  Then, I went to the ecoChic Swap, and scored two more pairs.  And to be fair, it wasn’t like I purchased those, they were swapped or selected in the free-for-all.  Well, I happened to be at another big box mall retailer this week (don’t judge I was picking something up, not intending to shop) and not only were the shoes 70% off, but everything in the store was an additional 40% off!   I managed to walk away with another 5 pairs!  Yes, five.  They are all very cute and I know I will wear them and I wasn’t caught up in the sale frenzy.  I just couldn’t leave them behind, they were each perfect in their own way.

So, yes, I have a problem and may need to look into 12 steps for it.  First step – admitting the problem.  But I’m just worried that one of those steps involves getting rid of my shoes and I’m not sure I’m ready for that.

February 10, 2009

This past Sunday I attended ecoChic Swap.  This was SO much fun!  Basically, I dropped off 5 things I didn’t want anymore.  Then on Sunday I showed up, got a glass of wine, and browsed all the things that other people brought to give away.  I managed to grab a couple things I wanted, and lucked out in the dressing room when someone else couldn’t fit into or didn’t want other items that were perfect for me.  It was a lot of fun, everyone was very nice, and they had tons of sizes and styles.  And I ran into quite a few people I’ve met before there, too.  I got a lot of great stuff in exchange for my items and all for free, with a $5 donation, but I got even more during the ‘free for all’ at the end.

Here are my 5 items I exchanged for my “tickets.”  A fabulous leather jacket, a pair of Ann Taylor pants, a fun hoodie, cute wedges, and a (I think) vintage Puma jacket.


And here are my other scores.  Even Diva Kitty approves.

score-2I walked away with an additional: pair of J. Crew pants, Ann Taylor skirt, embroidered T-shirt, J.Crew jacket/shirt, turtleneck sweater, black Kenneth Cole shirt, black and brown Puma sneakers, and a striped summer skirt (seen beneath Diva Kitty).

I definitely love Sunny’s idea to start ecoChic to save money and to be more environmentally friendly by recycling clothes!  You better believe that I’m already thinking about the next one scheduled for May 3rd!  It’s already on my calendar and I have a reminder set for pre-registration.