A new kind of New Year’s
December 31, 2009

2009 has been a really great year for me.  Of course, I’ve had some highs and lows, but mostly highs that are great enough that can overshadow the lows.  I met some wonderful people, ran a fantastic race with my best friend, bought a fabulous condo (lovingly dubbed “The Bachelorette Pad”), successfully juggled two great jobs, and overall had a really fun time!

I’ve never really been one to have New Year’s resolutions, because it seems like you’re just asking yourself to fail when you put so much expectation on yourself. (though I’d really like to start getting my normally punctual butt to work on time more often)  But I do know that I have a few things I’m planning to accomplish this year, and they will be done, such as Hooping the Half Marathon, and continuing running, and visiting more with Barbie (maybe we’ll run another great race together!).  But I guess if I could have New Year’s resolutions or New Year’s wishes, I would make them for my friends:

For Barbie:  Continued happiness (and warmth) in Canada, more healthy (injury free) running, a successful school year, and her husband in the same house!

For Kentucky:  Health and happiness for her family and that she makes it through a particularly difficult New Years, and a wonderful wedding in the fall!

For Legally:  A relatively stress- (and boredom-) free job, a visit to The Bachelorette Pad (ok that one’s selfish on my part), and more success with her cake/goodies baking (if you haven’t checked it out on my blog links – Seriously Sweet is seriously cute), and hopefully she’ll bring me some goodies too (selfish plug #2), and more (injury free) of that super fast running she seems to do!

For Bama:  A successful school year, more fun nights watching TV (seriously that girl loves to entertain), and visits to both of our pools!

For Mister T:  A happy, healthy year for his family, and better decision making skills for our lunch dates.

For Mama-cita:  That her children continue to be happy and healthy, and a stress-free year with family.

For Shutterbug:  Lots and lots of work that is both fun and lucrative, and an opportunity to shoot us fire hooping!

For zico01:  More fun blogging and commenting (I always look forward to his comments here), and a joint blogging adventure with me and Barbie!

For all my hooper friends:  Lots of hooping, pretty hoops, and success on the Hooping the Half Marathon event day!

For Diva Kitty:  Lots and lots of cheese, fish, and crepes. (Yes apparently she likes crepes now)  More fun looking out the window at birds, squirrels, and chipmunks.  And attacking whatever it is that irks her on the stairs in the Bachelorette Pad.

A special birthday
October 5, 2009

Today would have been my dad’s 70th birthday.  I have been thinking about him a lot today.  All the time I’ve missed the past sixteen years.  All the things I’ve gone through since then.  And all the little things about him.  Tonight I decided to have a special birthday dinner in his honor.  I went to a seafood restaurant in honor of his (and my) New England roots.  Then found some of his favorite cookies and candy for dessert.  At first I thought I would have a birthday dinner for one, but my friend Shutterbug joined me after I put out a call on Twitter.  Things have been difficult lately as I’ve been by myself a lot lately.  She’s a great friend who provided great company and friendship on a nostalgic day.

Holiday w(h)ining
May 26, 2009


While relaxing in the backyard on Memorial Day (and the end of my long vacation), I noticed one of my old friends (Shutterbug) sent a message on Twitter that she was looking for an adventure companion for the day.  I definitely wanted to make the most of this vacation.  It was just my day and I responded in time.  (say what you want about Twitter, but I get the greatest deals and find out about cool stuff even in only 140 characters)

We made a date to visit a local winery, to allow Shutterbug to take pictures and so we could test out the free wine tastings.  It was a gorgeous day in a wonderfully beautiful and peaceful location.

perfect vineyard


We packed some cheeses, chocolate, and other assorted goodies for a picnic after the tasting.


It was such a perfect ending to my vacation.  Perfect weather, beautiful scenery, good wine (maybe too much?), good food, wonderful company, and fabulous conversation.