Good ole time
September 7, 2008

Saturday was…well…a good ole time.

It’s the first weekend with Barbie gone. So I’m working on adjusting. After a morning of running errands, I called Bama. She and some of her ‘school-friends’ were going to the state fair to see the monster truck show. I immediately volunteered to chaperone their outing! I mean c’mon, monster trucks?! City girls get excited by the weirdest things! [Clarification: City girl = Sally. I was very excited to join them, hence the emphasis on “immediately volunteered” above.]

Upon entering the fair, we cruised the games, food, etc. Talk about stimulus overload!

Then we headed to the monster truck show. Yay! Which included stunt motorcycle riders. Bonus Yay! For your viewing enjoyment…

Afterwards, Bama and I went to the local pub by my house for a glass of unassuming wine. With some liquid relaxation in us, we called up some of her ‘school-friends’ we left at the fair earlier, and met the girls at the local Hustler Hollywood store for some more fun. The other girls had a great time giggling and learning. It was a great night all around!

And just one more video for the road…