January 22, 2010

In my recent Ad-renaline post, I forgot to mention another overwhelmingly predominant ad this time of year.

Taxes, taxes, taxes
The average Joe’s fiscal year is up and it’s time to account to the government.  But the average Joe needs help with his taxes.  Enter the tax prep ads galore!  Even the federal government has ads for their e-filing service.  Everyone’s on the tax band wagon.  So, when I heard a rumor that this ad was floating around on the airwaves in my town, I was skeptical because I believe the company (and the ad) is based out of a much more ghetto-tastic town.  Until last night.

OK, Go (watch some video)
January 20, 2010

Ever wonder just how record labels and online video posting and bands interact?   It’s a sticky situation full of all kinds of difficulties from a dying business model called the music industry.   This is a wonderful letter from a very creative band (well known for their treadmill video).  It’s definitely worth the read to learn about it, but also to find out just how I posted a link to this video online.  (unfortunately it is not showing the video in the post, perhaps due to WordPress restrictions and my lack of programming knowledge)

OK Go – This Too Shall Pass from OK Go on Vimeo.

eyes & ears
November 2, 2009

What I’m currently listening to…

Who Says”  (John Mayer)
I have never been a huge John Mayer fan.  Don’t love him, don’t hate him either.  But as with any over-played, college-girl loved music, it wears out on me quickly and I start to dismiss it.  But I heard this new single on the local indie radio station and love it!  There are some great lines in the lyrics.  I also love how fluid the whole song is; you can just groove right along.  The album comes out in a couple weeks, guess I might give the crooner another chance.  And yes, “it’s been a long time since 22.”  (Thank goodness!)

Singing along with the radio
March 25, 2009

Have you ever been singing along to a song and realized that what you just belted out doesn’t make any sense?  Happens to me way more often than it should.  Either it’s the poor diction in pop songs or I just don’t listen closely.  (probably the latter; wouldn’t be the first time I’ve been accused of that)

Here are a few of my more notable mis-croonings

“My Kind of Lover”  (Billy Squier)
The chorus (and song title apparently) “My kind of lover”  sounds a lot like “My candelabra.”  Um, why would you sing about a lighting fixture?  Then again he’s the same one who sang “Stroke.”

“Carry On My Wayward Son”  (Kansas)
One day, while driving across the state, I was singing along and realized that that it made no sense to “carry on like an evil suspender.”  Er…I mean “carry on, nothing equals the splendor.”

“That’s All”  (Genesis)
I initially posted this one, because I always misquoted the chorus. “You turning me on, turning me off. Making me feel like I want to MUNCH. Living with you is putting me PHOOEY all of the time.”  Oops!  That should be “like I want too much” and “putting me through it all of the time.”  Munch and phooey in one chorus of a song?  Hey, I was a kid when this song came out.  However, I only realized the phooey part when I looked this up.  But I also just realized that I always thought the song title and oft repeated lyric was “That Song” not “That’s All.”

And one more, just because it still makes me laugh, courtesy of my law school buddy, RayRay.

“Rhythm Is Gonna Get You”  (Gloria Estefan)
After explaining my “munch” lyrics above, RayRay shared that as a child he thought the song warned that “Grimace is gonna get you.”  You know, that giant purple blob promoting fast food to kids was kinda scary.

So, what songs have you consistently mis-sung?

Good ole time
September 7, 2008

Saturday was…well…a good ole time.

It’s the first weekend with Barbie gone. So I’m working on adjusting. After a morning of running errands, I called Bama. She and some of her ‘school-friends’ were going to the state fair to see the monster truck show. I immediately volunteered to chaperone their outing! I mean c’mon, monster trucks?! City girls get excited by the weirdest things! [Clarification: City girl = Sally. I was very excited to join them, hence the emphasis on “immediately volunteered” above.]

Upon entering the fair, we cruised the games, food, etc. Talk about stimulus overload!

Then we headed to the monster truck show. Yay! Which included stunt motorcycle riders. Bonus Yay! For your viewing enjoyment…

Afterwards, Bama and I went to the local pub by my house for a glass of unassuming wine. With some liquid relaxation in us, we called up some of her ‘school-friends’ we left at the fair earlier, and met the girls at the local Hustler Hollywood store for some more fun. The other girls had a great time giggling and learning. It was a great night all around!

And just one more video for the road…