Team Nuun


Have I told you how much I love Nuun?

First, let’s clear the air…It is pronounced “noon.” Like the time of day, not like the woman wearing a black and white habit.

Now, let me set the basis for my “expertise” on Nuun. I have been the using the product for almost as long as it has been around. I was introduced to Nuun by a good friend within about a year of the company’s genesis, which was not long after I had started running again after 12+ year hiatus. From the first drop of my first tab into water, I was hooked.

I love the light flavors of Nuun. Nuun makes my water refreshing without being the syrupy, sugary overload of most sports drinks. It takes my water to the next level with electrolytes, as well as vitamins, caffeine, or carbohydrates depending on what flavor and style you get.

With Nuun, I have had the opportunity to run a bucket list race, Hood To Coast. I have connected with an impressive variety of athletes of all abilities and all kinds of sports. I have had the opportunity to meet the staff and CEO (that’s Chief Electrolyte Officer!) at the company, and I can vouch that they are amazing people, who truly believe in the product and have a passion for doing good in sport, hydration, the environment, and the world. I don’t know another hydration or other athletic product company that truly cares about and connects with their fans and athletes like Nuun does.

Not only have I been using Nuun for over a decade, but I have also been a member of Team Nuun and a Nuun Ambassador since 2013. And this year, I was selected again to be a member of Team Nuun, but I also became a part of the Nuun Legacy Program. Basically this means, I am one of their “senior ambassadors” and have shown my “nuun love” for many years. Once again, Nuun goes above and beyond to reach out and recognize their fan base. I am beyond proud to sport the Nuun logo, talk to people about the product, share my tabs with anyone in need, and jump in and help out at local races sponsored by Nuun.

So, yeah, you could say that I love me some Nuun.


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