What a day!

Well, the holidays are officially over (for now). The first day back to work for a full week’s grind went fairly well and proved productive. Once home, full on pasta, and entertained from Free Movie Monday, I decided to finally tackle my bills and finances. Yeah…should have gotten to that sooner. But not too many crises that couldn’t be averted. This task took longer than I planned, but I also managed to cut down on two of my monthly expenses. Note to Comcast subscribers…they don’t tell you this unless you ask, but they have a ‘discount internet’ rate that is 1 Mbps as opposed to 6 Mbps and a little bit cheaper. I’ll let you know if I notice any difference in speed, but I honestly don’t use the internet at home as much anymore.

After spending a couple hours in front of the computer, organizing finances, setting up filing, and making payments, I finally relaxed and checked some email and read blogs before bed. That’s when I noticed it…

Hooter is back!

I have an owl that lives in my favorite old tree in my backyard. I usually hear him in the summer and fall. But as I sit here, I hear the distinctive…


All is calm in Sally’s world again!

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